Vestry and Vestry Members

The Vestry is the elected governing body of the parish. In addition to the Rector, the Vestry is composed of the Senior and Junior Wardens and 13 other members, who represent a broad spectrum of the St. Mark’s community.

The Vestry also has canonically specified responsibilities for the stewardship of church money and property and for working with the rector on personnel management and program development and oversight.

Members of the Vestry are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting, which is held in January each year. The Vestry meets on the third Tuesday of each month.

Current Vestry Members: 

Diana Stangl, Senior Warden
Clarence Bonnen, Junior Warden

Melissa Blanding
Clarence Bonnen*
Michele Bonner
Mark Breen
Mike Brode
Jill Collins
John Cooper
Karen Dulaney Smith
Suzann Dvorken
Ryan Marquess
Laura Merritt
Karen Milton
Becky Poynot
David Randle
Diana Stangl*

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