7Epiphany, Feb. 19, 2017, Sermon: Who is Changing Your Channels? by The Rev. Dr. David W. Peters


Anthem: Feb. 19, 2017-Teach Me O Lord by Thomas Attwood


Anthem: Feb. 12, 2017-Create In Me by Terre Johnson


Choir Anthem- Feb. 5, 2017: Vox Ultima Crucis by William Harris


Jan 29., 2017-Offertory Anthem: Christ Has Broken Down the Wall by Mark Miller


Jan 29 2017: Confirmation Sermon by The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop


St. Mark’s Choir Anthem, Jan. 22: Lead Me Lord, in Thy Righteousness


Sermon: 2Epiphany Jan. 15, 2017: Inauguration at the Riverside…Stay with Me, by The Rev. Dr. David W. Peters


Sermon: Jan. 1, 2017: Top 5 Baby Names by the Rev. Dr. David W. Peters


St. Mark’s Choir: Lord in thy Mercy Grant Us Peace – Christmas Eve music

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