Rector Search

Our Rector search, which began in the summer of 2017 following our previous rector’s retirement, and then in earnest in January 2018,  is over! St. Mark’s Wardens and Search Committee are pleased to announce the following:

Following enthusiastic discussions and unanimous votes by the Search Committee and the Vestry, we are thrilled to announce that the Reverend Zac Koons has accepted the call to become our new Rector. His first Sunday at St. Mark’s will be July 15, 2018.

Father Zac comes to us from St. Richard’s in Round Rock, Texas, where he has served in an associate role for the past three and a half years. He received his BA in Biblical & Theological Studies at Wheaton College and his Master’s in Divinity from Duke Divinity School. After graduating, he served as Executive Assistant to the Dean of Duke Divinity School, and researcher for the Archbishop of Canterbury, among other duties. He comes highly recommended by the many who have worked with him throughout his career, including a St. Mark’s favorite, Rev. Bert Baetz.

Father Zac is a gifted writer, teacher, and preacher. Two St. Mark’s search committee members who attended a Sunday School class in April, unannounced, called it the best class they’d ever attended, and particularly praised his ability to bring all ages into the discussion. We invite you to listen to Father Zac’s sermons, which are available at the St. Richard’s website, and to read articles he has published. Father Zac’s writings can be found at this link.

The Search Committee’s review of his writing, sermons and comments assured them he is, according to our established criteria, a rector with a progressive theological perspective who will provide us the leadership and focus we need. Father Zac’s theological knowledge impressed the committee, as did the fact that he was both eloquent and humble in communicating it. He’s clearly a conceptual thinker, as shown by his initiatives in establishing home-based fellowship groups, and instituting changes that energized and expanded St. Richard’s youth group.

During the committee’s many hours of interviews and discussions, Rev. Zac was always perceptive and sensitive to our concerns. His behavior and attitude were consistent: energetic but calm. When interviewers asked him to speak of the achievement of which he was proudest, they expected him to cite his writing; instead he spoke with deep feeling of reaching out to a bereaved family who were unchurched. His article in The Living Church, entitled “Speaking in Tongues and Praying in Poetry,” is an equally moving reflection on being the only person at the bedside of a dying woman who apparently had no family.

Father Zac, his wife Anna, and their dog, Watson, are excited about joining our St. Mark’s family and eager to get to know you. The Vestry had an opportunity to meet Father Zac and Anna earlier this week at an informal gathering. We found them personable, sincere, and ready to get to work. We know you will appreciate Father Zac’s attentiveness, as well as his personal and deeply theological approach to his sermons, his writing, and all of his work.

Please join us in thanking all twelve members of our Search Committee for their diligence throughout this process and for bringing us Father Zac. We believe him to be exactly the rector we described when summarizing our parish survey all those months ago.

And, just as important, mark your calendars for Sunday, July 15, so that we may properly welcome Father Zac and Anna to St. Mark’s.

Melissa Blanding, Senior Warden
Scott Forrest, Junior Warden
Michael Meigs, Search Committee Chair


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